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Michigan Wing Search and Rescue Academy (MIWG SAR)

July 21, 2017 - July 29, 2017
Camp Grayling, MI
Min. Age:

The Michigan Wing Search and Rescue ( MIWG SAR) Academy is a nine-day experience you will never forget!  Located at Camp Grayling MI, MIWG SAR Academy is one of the most physically and mentally challenging activities Civil Air Patrol has to offer. Not only that, it is also an incredibly rewarding activity. You will gain invaluable knowledge about search and rescue, but more so about yourselves and your own personal limits. This knowledge will stay with you for a lifetime.

Students will gain hands-on experience in land navigation with a map and compass, search line operations, direction finding, crash scene procedures, survival skills, First Aid and CPR, teamwork, and team operations. By the end of the week, students will be proficient with the new skills they have learned. MIWG SAR Academy concludes with a three-day field training exercise (FTX) to simulate an actual search and rescue mission. Students are able to put all of the skills and knowledge they learned throughout the week to use during this field training exercise.

MIWG SAR Academy provides a safe, training environment, where carefully planned strategic challenges teach valuable life skills that go farther than just the search and rescue tasks learned. At the Academy, we have high training standards and high expectations, pushing students to meet and exceed their own personal limits. The skills learned at the Academy can not only benefit you in CAP, but also throughout your life.

These skills include:

●     Communication: These skills are vital in any search and rescue mission. Students practice both talking and listening throughout the week. Focus is given to one-on-one conversations and talking in front of a group. 

●     Leadership: When students start the week, they are followers. By the end of the week, they become leaders among their team. They are presented simple or multifaceted leadership roles, where they are able to work in a safe training environment, where they can make mistakes and learn from them.

●     Teamwork: Throughout the week, team leadership exercises teach the students to work together to complete tasks, efficiently and effectively, completing their mission. 

●     Critical Thinking: Another important part of search and rescue, critical thinking is realized as cadets learn to develop plans before “jumping into” action.

●     Problem Solving: Practiced daily with critical thinking, problem solving is an essential trait where students develop solutions before asking for help.

●     Personal and Team Confidence: Working in high pressure and high stress environments, it is important to have confidence in personal skills, but also confidence in the team members with whom you will be working.  This aspect increases daily as cadets push through challenging tasks, not giving up, and completing their mission. 

●     Combating Fear and Anxiety:  Students realize fear is what you “make up in your own mind”." Often, new tasks bring out a variety of emotion.  Fear and anxiety are conquered daily as students push themselves past their personal limits and complete tasks they never thought were possible.  

MIWG SAR Academy is conducted in a safe environment with highly trained and experienced cadet/senior staff. The staff members oversee every phase of training and are present with the students at all times. We are honored that you have considered the MIWG SAR Academy as an activity for you to attend this summer! 

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